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Alison Fricker Alison Fricker, Principal Osteopath 

Alison graduated from the College of Osteopaths in 2009 with a first class honours degree. On qualifying she worked at a local osteopathic practice in Worthing and also a sports clinic in Hove, so gained valuable experience in general osteopathic practice and also the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. She practices structural and cranial osteopathy, is qualified in Western acupuncture and uses ultrasound and taping techniques.


joshsmJosh Cowell, Associate Osteopath

Josh graduated from Oxford Brookes University. He has a keen interest in both treatment and management of patients. He has a history of playing multiple sports at high and currently treats rugby players at Chichester RFC and Seaford College. He understands the stresses sport and every day life can put on your body and the importance of getting you back to all your activities as quickly as possible. He practices structural osteopathy and is qualified in Western acupuncture.  In addition, he uses ultrasound and taping techniques.

Rebecca Wangi, Associate Osteopath

Rebecca is a 2009 BSO graduate who established a practice with an excellent reputation in Kampala, Uganda over the last five years and has recently returned to the UK.  She uses mainly ‘structural’ techniques with some use of craniosacral techniques as appropriate.  She has a particular interest in treating pregnant mothers, babies and children.


clairesmClare Williams

Clare Williams has been massaging professionally since 2005. Originally qualifying with an ITEC in Holistic Massage from the Oxford School of Massage, she has since qualified across a plethora of different techniques and offers both therapeutic and remedial massage individually tailored to the individual.  Clare worked alongside teams of Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in London specialising in neck, back and shoulder work, before relocating to Worthing in  2013. Clare joins us from Sussex Physio Pilates. To book a massage with Clare please see her website, email her on or call her on 07711882980.



Jason Howard

Jason Howard is a highly experienced Personal Trainer who has undertaken an additional course in biomechanics coaching.

The Intrinsic Biomechanics program is based on the fact that everything in the body is connected. A “tight” muscle in one place can create discomfort in another.

As a Biomechanics Coach I take you through a program to correct your movement. I aim for the simplest route to improved movement as is possible. While some practitioners may give you a shoulder exercise if your shoulder isn’t moving as it should, I follow a system which always starts at the pelvis/hips.

If an exercise for the pelvis/hips corrects the issue in the rest of the body, then thats great. You’ve made progress with the least effort possible. If it doesn’t improve, then I move onto the next step of the program.

An estimated 60% of lower body issues are caused by issues in the pelvis/hips. Because of this I always look to correct any issues there first.

Not focusing on pain, but assessing the body as a whole and correcting movement can quite often result in a reduction of the symptoms.

I have been asked variations on the question of “I’m not injured, can Biomechanics Coaching benefit me?”

The answer is –YES, in fact that is the perfect situation! Here’s why…

Biomechanics Coaching allows you to




You can contact Jason at:

07877 564240