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How can Osteopathy help with migraines and headaches?

Do you find that you suffer with headaches or migraines? Did you know that quite often it is actually your neck that may well be the primary cause even if your neck is pain free? If you are suffering that let us help you.

We are able to assess and treat the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

What are the benefits of osteopathy for treating migraines?

  • Osteopathy targets and releases of blockages and tension that can trigger migraines.
  • Improved circulation of blood and fluids in the lymphatic system.
  • Corrected oxygen blockages caused by hypertension.
  • Release tension in the muscles joints and nerves.
  • Prevent muscle spasms.
  • Restore basic function and mobility.

At the clinic we can help you to understand your migraines and also minimise the effect of migraine triggers.

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