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Our Top tips for working from home and staying pain free

As many of us are now working from home on a regular basis, we wanted to share our top tips of how to keep healthy and pain free whilst you work from home.

1. Sit well – It is really important that when you are sat at your desk that you are mindful of your posture and that you have your equipment set up correctly.

2. Is your screen set at eye level? Try and keep it elevated by adjusting the height or even by putting your monitors on old books!

3. Keep your mouse and keyboard close – you should be able to sit up in your chair, have your elbows in an L-Shape position and still be able to reach your keyboard. The key is make sure you’re not over stretching! If you are then you will need to make adjustments.

4. Adjust your chair – you should be able to sit right back in your chair so your lower back is supported while still being able to comfortably access your equipment.

5. Keep your feet to the floor- You should have the height of your chair so your feet can easily touch the floor. If not then you can use some form of riser if needed.

6. Avoid crossing your legs- This can cause circulation problems and puts unnecessary strain on your lower back.

7. Take regular breaks – we recommend that you should take a break away from your desk every 30 minutes for at least 2 minutes.

8. Get a headset – if your work involves you being on the phone regularly try to avoid tucking your phone between you neck and shoulder and consider getting a headset to keep your hands free and enabling you to maintain a healthy posture

.9. Consider your working environment- your dining table may be convenient for you but if it is an incorrect height then extending periods of working may cause you shoulder, neck or back pain.

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