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Osteopathy for Babies – what are the benefits?

At the clinic Alison specialises in Osteopathy for babies. This is a very gentle treatment which focuses on the whole body to encourage the release of stresses and tension on your babies body.

Using a combination of gentle treatment it can help to ease the physical stress from pregnancy and birth. It is also highly effective for and can help with:

  • Trauma relating to difficult delivery (eg ventouse or forceps intervention).
  • Challenges with breastfeeding such as difficulty in latching or a preference to one side.
  • Colic, sleep disturbances, difficulty in settling, restlessness, crying or fussiness.
  • Digestive issues such as reflux or constipation.
  • Head shape asymmetries and congenital torticollis.

If you think your baby would benefit from cranial osteopathy then give the clinic a call to book in or click here to make a booking.

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