Baby & Child Osteopath Treatments

Here at the clinic, we are able to treat your children as well as babies using osteopathy.

Alison has undertaken specialist postgraduate training in treating infants and children.  This training recognises that children aren’t just mini-adults and is focused on the specialist nature of diagnosing and treating children.


Osteopathy for babies is a very gentle treatment which focuses on treatment of the whole body in order to ease any tension.  With a combination of gentle treatment, it can ease the physical stresses from pregnancy and birth and is effective for:

  • Trauma from difficult delivery (very long or short delivery, ventouse or forceps interventions.)
  • Breastfeeding challenges (latching difficulty, preference for feeding on one side.)
  • Crying, fussiness, difficulty settling, colic, sleep disturbances.
  • Digestive issues (reflux, gas, constipation)
  • Head shape asymmetries and congenital torticollis

Your baby will be fully assessed, treated if appropriate and advice given for exercises you can do at home to help prevent future issues.  If necessary, we will refer you to your GP for further screening or treatment if needed. 

We are also here to offer Baby Massage as well as looking after you both pre and post natal with one of our Pregnancy Massages

Child Osteopathy Treatments

It is never too late to bring your child or teenager in for treatment.  We can treat a wide range of common childhood issues including:

  • Aches and pains
  • Recurring ENT disorders
  • Asthma
  • Sports injuries
  • The impact of rapid physical and emotional development during puberty