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Alison Fricker Alison Fricker, Principal Osteopath, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy

Alison graduated from the College of Osteopaths in 2009 with a first class honours degree. On qualifying she worked at a local osteopathic practice in Worthing and also a sports clinic in Hove, so gained valuable experience in general osteopathic practice and also the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. She practices structural and cranial osteopathy, is qualified in Western acupuncture and uses ultrasound and taping techniques.


joshsmJosh Cowell, Associate Osteopath, B.Ost

Josh graduated from Oxford Brookes University. He has a keen interest in both treatment and management of patients. He has a history of playing multiple sports at high and currently treats rugby players at Chichester RFC and Seaford College. He understands the stresses sport and every day life can put on your body and the importance of getting you back to all your activities as quickly as possible. He practices structural osteopathy and is qualified in Western acupuncture.  In addition, he uses ultrasound and taping techniques.



Camilla Fortidar, Associate Osteopath, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy

Camilla is an experienced Osteopath graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 2000. She has recently returned from New Zealand with her young family where she ran her own clinic and has taught  Osteopathic clinical practice at university. Camilla works with a mainly structural approach using varying techniques to suit each patients needs.  She has a particular interest in how stress and tension manifests in the body and especially enjoys treating headaches and      digestive issues. Camilla also has experience with pregnancy and post pregnancy issues. She has a personal interest in running exercise and yoga. Camilla also understands the importance of  balance in life especially as we get older giving stretching and home care advice for each patients long term care.


josh_thomas_2Joshua Thomas, Associate Osteopath, B.Ost

Joshua Thomas graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the BSO) with an integrated masters degree in osteopathy. Since then he has worked in both London and Chichester. He has also done courses in sports taping, sports massage, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation and therefore uses a combinations of techniques in both treatment and management of patients. He enjoys rock climbing and hiking amongst other activities, both as a form of exercise and as a way to relax.



christie_rourke_2Christie Rourke BSc (Hons) ST Dip ST SS MSST MedAcu Pilates Yoga YTTC  

Christie has joined us from Bodywaves, Sports Injury Clinic and is highly experienced, having worked in sports injury clinics and with professional sport teams.  Her specialties are all sporting and occupational injuries, medical Acupuncture, sports therapy, Yoga, 1:1 Pilates and sports massage. She has also undertaken courses in muscle activation which, in Christie’s words “is an incredible, fast acting treatment method, one you can learn to apply to yourself, which gives immediate shifts in the body and switches muscles back on. This allows them to function as efficiently as they can and should and prevents poor movement patterns that lead to dysfunction/pain/injury.

anna_taylor_2Anna Taylor

Anna comes to Offington Osteopath Clinic with international experience in massage therapy. She is originally from Canada and completed her comprehensive training in Toronto. After working in various clinics in Toronto for 6 years, she then moved to Hong Kong for the next 10
years working in a massage therapy clinic there and started her family before moving to UK.

She will provide a massage therapy session tailored to an individual’s needs using different techniques. Based on Swedish technique, whether it is a remedial massage that is more holistic in terms of full body balance;
sports massage that can be a very focused massage targeting particular strains, injuries, or postural issues; a deep tissue massage which just means while working on specific parts, the
deeper layer of muscle and connective tissue which have a higher amount of adhesion’s or stiffness can be addressed; and prenatal/postnatal massage where she can treat every stage of pregnancy with different modifications in terms of pressure and body
positioning on the table, where massage treatment can be a huge benefit to your body at this special time.

Anna also has personal interests in running, hiking, strength training, and yoga.  She also loves spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful area we live in.