Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury

Musculoskeletal and Sports Injury Therapist

The Musculoskeletal (MSK) System is vital for the body to move. It includes all the body’s bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue such as fascia. This system supports the body and literally holds it up, allows movement and protects the organs. All vital aspects to survival.

When we are injured or illness affects part of the MSK system, it can lead to knock on effects for the rest of the body. MSK therapy works to heal and stabilise any issues, allowing the body’s systems to work cohesively together once more.

Benefits of MSK therapy;

  • Allowing the body’s innate healing process to heal injuries in the MSK system (the body does generally know what to do but we just give it a helping hard and a push in the right direction when it’s perhaps a little lost!)
  • Strengthening muscles, and helping to avoid future injury
  • Reducing swelling and pain in joints and muscles
  • Maintaining health and fitness
  • Correcting dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Addressing poor breathing which has a huge effect not only on our movement patterns, but our general wellbeing and health

Christie has been qualified for 19 years. Throughout her diploma and degree at university and beyond with continued personal development (CPD) she has gained significant qualifications and experience in assessing, diagnosing, rehabilitating and treating with hands-on techniques; all sporting or occupational dysfunctions, pains, acute and chronic injuries.

In an MSK appointment with us you will be fully assessed, treated as appropriate and given advice for exercises/self-care at home to get you back to your sport or occupation as quickly and safely as possible.

Christie can carry out soft tissue work, joint mobilisations, ultrasound, dry needling and taping.  She is qualified in providing rehabilitative exercise and advice and works with restoring the nervous system and lymphatic systems that work with the musculoskeletal system, because no one system of the body works alone. 

Christie believes in a whole body approach and delving into the causes of injuries not just treating the symptoms. A lifelong sports woman, she has played and competed at high levels in volleyball, basketball & gymnastics. She loves the water and can be found on paddle, surf and wake boards often! She also teaches yoga and pilates and has a high affinity for all things movement related. She’s the one to help you move at your best whether it’s for sports, daily activities or your job.